How to be a conscious traveller

Travelling is fun! The problem with fun is that we do not take a moment to analyse our actions. Sometimes everything can involve too much rushing and not enough thinking. In this article, I will share some pointers, on how to become a conscious traveller. So you can have fun, and also preserve the culture and the creation of nature.

1) Never litter
Just don’t do it. Especially abroad. Not only is it rude, but it’s terrible for the environment. You are the guest, and you should act like it. Littering shouldn’t even be acceptable in your home country. It’s just something that shouldn’t be done anywhere, ever.

2) Support the locals
Part of seeing the world is to experience the country. Try avoiding large chain restaurants and stores. They offer nothing special compared to artisans and hard working chefs. You get more a description of the country by doing so.

3) Tip when appropriate
Give a little extra if you believe they deserve it. It is always nice to find a bargain, especially when travelling to less developed countries. But if you can spare a bit of change, do so, it can mean a lot to the people who are working.

4) Be respectful
Research before travelling, and remember to respect the country’s culture. You are the guest, and you are lucky enough to be welcomed into the country you are visiting. Not only is it polite to integrate with their culture, but you get to experience a new world in depth. It is always fun to learn a bit of the language and to pick up new words and phrases while you are there.


What other advice would you give in order to help the world become conscious travellers? Comment below! As always, I wish everybody happy travels!


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