Holiday Season Inspiration

With the holiday’s fast approaching, I have decided to curate a list of destinations which I have visited throughout the past years and post my experiences and hopefully give you some inspiration for a getaway. Some are exotic, many traditional, some more relaxed. So I am sure you can find something for yourself; however you decide to celebrate the festive season.


1) Lima, Peru.
Peru is a fascinating country in itself, however during December is a great time to visit. The typical tourist crowds have quietened down, and the summer weather is beginning to bloom. Take this opportunity to explore Peru, Cusco, Nazca, Arequipa and the many other beautiful cities the country has to offer.


2) Berlin, Germany.
Rich in history while embracing modernity, Berlin is a hub for people who want to experience vibrancy. Germany is particularly famous for its Christmas Markets as every city is pampered and glistening with decorations and the markets give you the perfect excuse to fill up on sweet treats and gluhwein (traditional warm red wine).


3) Milan, Italy.
One of the most glamorous cities in Italy, Milan does not fail to exceed during Christmas time. You may even be lucky enough to see the snowfall, and a short train ride will take you to Turin, a great place for skiing. Italy also offers a selection of attractive Christmas markets to spoil your senses.


4) Dublin, Ireland.
If you wish to spend Christmas in a more relaxed fashion, then Dublin is the place for you. With its calming atmosphere and selection of pubs, Ireland is a country where you can enjoy the time you have. Go out from its Capital city to enjoy the natural beauty the country has to offer. With so much natural scenery to soothe your soul, Ireland is perfect for a short trip.

I hope this list of places has given you inspiration for future trips, during Christmas time, or anytime. As always, I wish you all happy travels!


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