The magic of Christmas in Germany

Germany is quite possibly one of the most festive countries in the world. With many Christmas traditions originating from Germany, such as the Christmas tree in your home, and their Christmas stores open year round, experiencing Christmas time in Germany is something that everybody should do, at least once.

Christmas markets can be found in every city in Germany, no matter how big or small. Many are famous, while others not so much. In this article, I will be posting a list of some of the markets which I believe should be a must-see for tourists and hopefully inspire you to visit the land of Christmas, Germany.

1) Cologne
Famous for its grandeur Cathedral, Cologne is highly renowned for its aesthetically pleasing style. Bordering Belgium, this city is high in tourism, and their Christmas market is a definite pull factor for many. I believe that Cologne is one of the best markets Germany has to offer and one that everybody should visit if they are in the Western region of Germany.


2) Berlin
The capital city of Germany is outstanding in its own right. Rich in history and culture, this city is one which tourists flock to every year just for a city break and to experience the genuine German Christmas market experience. With the entire city being home to many Christmas markets, all within walking distance. Christmas time in Berlin is magical. There is no question about it.


3) Bonn
The home of Ludwig van Beethoven, and Haribo, Bonn is an extremely underrated city in Germany. It may not be so big, but it is lively, especially during the Christmas period. The city centre is compact and embellished by Christmas lights, and the shops are incredibly festive. I would say that this city is perfect if you want to enjoy the Christmas festivities while you engage in Christmas gift shopping.


4) Düsseldorf
Known mainly as the fashion capital in Germany, Düsseldorf is a relaxing city, one where shopping is the emphasis. With so many shopping centres and streets lined with stores, this city is perfect for someone who wants to relax and take it easy. The atmosphere is a different one. Everybody seems to be taking their time. There is no rush to get anywhere, and the Christmas markets are not a crowded place, like others may be.


5) Essen
Roughly an hour train ride from the cities mentioned in this article, aside from Berlin, Essen is a city where tourists do not know about. Although it does not offer many activities for tourists throughout the year, everything changes during Christmas time. It is home to one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany and is one of my top markets to visit during Christmas time. With live music, and stalls open until 10 pm on a Saturday, 8 pm on other days of the week, there is so much for your senses to experience in the Essen Christmas market.


I hope you have enjoyed reading through this article, and it has inspired you to take a trip to Germany during the Christmas period. Although the weather may not entice you initially, once you step foot and see the magic of Christmas in all its glory, you shall forget about your cold fingers and toes. As always, I wish you all happy travels during this festive period.


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