Madeira; the place to be in 2019

The small island of Madeira, Portugal, is a hotspot for many tourists. Famed by William Churchill, Prime Minister to the United Kingdom in the years of 1940-1945, was a regular visitor throughout his life. Madeira is the perfect destination for those who want a break to witness natural beauty.

Due to its very mountainous geological structure, hiking is very popular on this island. Not only is it the perfect way to enjoy the natural sights, but perfect to stay fit and healthy while travelling. Madeira offers so much more than scenery. Food is a huge thing on the island, with delicious dishes based mainly around fish and fried bananas, which is exquisite. I have a major sweet tooth and my favourite dessert is definitely their queijada, which is essentially a cottage cheese cheesecake, drizzled with passionfruit pulp. Definitely worth the try when in Madeira.

Although Madeira is an island, it is slightly difficult to find a beach, in particular, a real beach. There are a few which have been constructed for the pleasure of the residents, with sand imported from Morocco, such as the Paira da Machico. It is my personal favourite due to the lush sand and calm ocean waves, as it has sea walls that have formed a double-sided bay which holds the sand in place. It is a 30km drive from Funchal, but there are bus services that take you for a small fee, so it is most definitely worth a day trip.
However, the island of Porto Santo which is 2 hours away in ferry is possibly the most popular with visitors to Madeira. You can definitely enjoy a more atmosphere and stay there for a couple of nights if you really want to make the most of your summertime at the beach.

Spending at least 4 to 5 days on the island of Madeira is enough if you want a place to rejuvenate yourself. With all the beautiful greenery, and sights, you can definitely feel refreshed in this island. Compared to Portugal, Madeira is slightly more expensive, but in comparison to other European islands, it is definitely affordable. It is very accommodating for all budgets. Flights are very affordable from Lisbon, so I recommend visiting Portugal’s beautiful Capital city before enjoying some time off from the crowds in Madeira. With flights starting from €50, it would be a shame not to.

Photo taken in late June of 2018

Madeira definitely is most popular during the European summer months of July to August, but even in mid-June, the temperatures are cosy enough to feel on holiday and avoid the mass crowds of tourists. With temperatures being in the mid 20 degrees Celsius, it is definitely a great time to enjoy walking the island and enjoying the beach without the heat taking too much energy from you.

I do hope that Madeira has been added to your bucket list after reading this article and if you have already visited Madeira, tell me what you enjoy about the island, and if you are planning on re-visiting or if one time was enough for you. As always, I wish you all very happy travels in 2019!


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