Travel your trips spontaneously

For many, this year’s resolution will be to travel more. As it is for me. Sometimes we want it to be perfect, and take the time to book and travel flights and hotels. Does the idea of buying a ticket somewhere with no planning scare you? Spontaneous trips have been what has allowed me to travel much more in 2018 than in previous years. I will be sharing the delightfulness it is to book a flight and whisk away to your destination in a matter of days, or even hours and how you can prepare yourself for a world open to travel destinations in 2019.

1) Learn to pack light
Learning to pack light has been one of the main tools that help me to just pick up and leave. Have the basics at hand, and your suitcase ready. In reality, packing should not take too long. After becoming more shopping conscious, I have managed to cut down on a lot of artefacts, therefore allowing me to have less to worry about. Read my article on minimalism in order to give you some inspiration if you are a shopaholic.

2) Own less
In continuation to my point above, owning less not only allows me to not have to worry about over packing, or which shoes go well with which outfit, but it has allowed me to gain control over my spending. Instead of spending it on things that I really do not need, I can use that money to travel. Travel can inexpensive if you know where to look, and saving your pennies really does add up. In turn, you can most definitely travel to anywhere you desire in the world. Click here to gather more minimalist inspiration from my previous articles.

3) Always be alert to upcoming offers
Keep refreshing the page, and look out almost daily to see who has the best prices and for when. Be sure to check a number of websites and airlines to find the best deal, because there can sometimes be a huge price difference. You can also set alerts, which is wise. However, if you find a flight that is too good to be true, bag it straight away! Because even within the next hour or two it could be gone.

4) Use your days off to keep active
We love to lounge around most of the time. And sometimes that is what your body craves; to simply sit on the couch and binge watch boxsets on TV. However, don’t overdo it. You can have an amazing time exploring a new city or country, and feel rewarded and happy afterwards. Small trips may seem pointless to some, but they can offer some of the best experiences.

5) Go along with the flow
Planning trips can be so much fun! I know, because I love to do it myself. However, spontaneous acts can sometimes equal double the fun! Wandering around, simply doing whatever you feel like, it rejuvenates and contents the soul. Before I would feel like everything had to be planned in order to get the most out of the journey, but in reality, soaking up the atmosphere and exploring new territories is what really makes any adventure fun, and that is what most adventures offer.

I hope this article has inspired you to travel spontaneously, even for a day or two. Plan your trips close to home, in order to get a taste, but do be warned, you may really enjoy the experience. I do hope that 2019 is filled with many adventures to you all, and do not let any type of fear cross your path. Book the ticket if that is what your gut tells you! Happy travels!


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