My guide to killing time at the airport

There is nothing worse than being enclosed in the airport during a layover. I try to get out of it as much as possible when I can. However, when you do not have the required time to explore the city, then you have no choice but to kill time inside the building. So, for those hours when you have to surrender your ambitions to explore, I have accumulated a list of things to do in order to not only make your time at the airport more enjoyable but your flight to your following destination a better experience as well.

   Make sure all your devices are fully charged
I always carry a portable charger with me, but even that needs to be charged from time to time when it runs out of power. So, making sure that your charger and other electronic devices are fuelled to take up the task of serving your whilst flying, and once you have landed, is vital. This is always my top thing to do during a layover.

  Stock up on fresh snacks and other necessities
If you are flying long distance, you will most likely receive food on your flight. However, to everybody who flies often and for long periods of time, knows that aeroplane food is usually not the freshest and is very rich in sodium and not many vitamins. Take the opportunity to give your body the desired food it deserves to tackle the next part of your flight. Also, take the opportunity to buy any other treats that you enjoy, as you may find them cheaper than on the plane itself.

  Relax and stretch out
Take time to ease your body from the stress it can cause from having to be seated in a specific position for a number of hours. Stretch out, use the airport’s shower facility, or find a place to lay down and catch up on a bit of sleep, as long as you remember to set your alarm so you do not miss your connecting flight!

 Wander around the airport
Maybe you cannot wander outside of the airport, but explorers never stop exploring, right? So take the time to explore the interior of the airport. You may be surprised at how interesting this experience can be. Airports are the reflection of the country you are visiting, and it is a great excuse to include the exercise that you are lacking.

  Catch up on reality
Why not use the time to call relatives or friends and update them on your current situation. Check out the news, and see what the current affairs are of the country you are travelling to. Maybe take out some time to meditate, write in your journal or finish your last bits of travel planning for when you land.

I hope this has given inspiration to everybody who has an upcoming layover that requires them to stay at the airport. If you are a frequent traveller with experience on layover flights, please comment on your best tips to kill time. As always, I wish you all very happy travels!


3 thoughts on “My guide to killing time at the airport

  1. Good list. Also remember to always carry a good book. Excellent way to catch up on your reading.


  2. I always end up shopping and buying a ton of stuff I don’t need. I do love roaming the airport as well😊


    1. I do that too, especially to souvenirs and food, haha! There is nothing better than roaming around the airport and seeing people getting excited for their upcoming flight 😀


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