The perfect city break from the city – Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam is not a city that is very well known. However, this underappreciated place will become your new favourite German town once you discover it. Cleanliness, rich history, and beautiful atmosphere are only a number of things that make this place an attractive tourist attraction.

IMG_7695 (1)
The exterior of Palace Sanssouci

Rich in aristocratic history, it could be seen as a ‘Mini Vienna’ of Germany. Renowned for its palace Sanssouci which was the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. You can become enthralled by its awe by taking the S-Bahn, and it is only a twenty-minute ride to enjoy one of the best cities in the outskirts of Berlin.
When you leave the train station at the stop ‘Park Sancoussi’, you will be met with its aristocratic beauty. The Palace is seen as a strong contender with the Palace of Versailles, and one of the best in Germany.
Entrance to the palace is 12 euros for adults, with an extra tariff if you wish to take photos inside. You can wander the grand interior, and its exterior also venturing off into the numerous other palaces that surround its premises. There is no cost to enjoy the tranquillity of its vast land and is a great spot for a picnic in the warm summer months. It is not short of oozing elegance and is most definitely Potsdam’s main attraction.

Not only is Potsdam known for its palace, but the city itself depicts a renaissance painting straight from the 16th century. After visiting the Palace, you can venture into its old town and enjoy a coffee, and take a stroll admiring its antique and well-preserved architecture, including the Potsdam gate (Potsdamer Tor) which stands tall in the main square. Originally constructed in 1734, it was later rebuilt in 1824 as a neoclassic imposing gateway. Maybe it is a less grandeur version than the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, but it still captivates your eyes when you see it for the first time.
Keeping its original Germany qualities, I would say that it is a more authentic experience of Germany than Berlin is to the average tourist. Although Berlin may be embellished with a more intriguing history, especially the recent years, Potsdam is a haven for history buffs who wish to learn more about Europe prior to the 20th century.
It may not be as politically important, however, this city is a very important aspect of Germany. As it once was a major film production studio before the 1930s and has enjoyed success as a major centre of European film production since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Potsdamer Tor (Potsdam Gate)

Potsdam is not a city to be overlooked. It is a city that you would like to spend at least two days in order to enjoy a more authentic and relaxing experience. The beauty is that it is only twenty minutes via train or S-Bahn and ticket prices are inexpensive. The perfect location to experience a day or short getaway if you are running low on time during your stay in Berlin or simply want to experience something a little more relaxed.
I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has inspired you to visit Potsdam for yourself one day. If you have already been to Potsdam, comment below your experience on the place. As always, I wish you all happy travels!


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