The capital city of wonder – Berlin, Germany

Restored and revived to become one of my most thriving capital cities in Europe, Berlin is the essence of Germany. Wrecked after World War Two, this urban town is a mecca for foodies, historians, and avid travellers. Resurrected from the rubble, it has become the powerhouse of Europe, and this city offers nothing less than a great atmosphere and incessant inspiration. From the people to the architecture, you can witness the clear divide from the West side of Berlin, and the East, as the effects of Communism are clear. During the years that the wall was in existence, 1961 up to 1990, dividing the region of Brandenburg into tyranny, but now it has been transformed into a region of peaceful ambience.

Remnants of the wall can be seen in all corners of Berlin. Now merged within the flashy modernity of the city.

There is no denying that there is something magical that this city offers that makes it truly unique. Not only in Germany, but also in Europe. There is no other place quite like Berlin. If you still have no visited this vibrant city, then your time is now. It is a perfect break for both a short city break, if you want to sample the basics that Berlin has to offer, and also for a longer vacation, with neighbouring cities such as Potsdam and Dresden also offering a different view of Germany.

The Old Quarter of Berlin

Berlin has quickly become a rising tourist attraction, since the fall of the Berlin wall and communism in Eastern Germany in the early 1990s. The city is has become an enticing adventurous trip for many travellers. A place for of possibility, as it has shown its resilience and growing success even after all the disasters it has faced throughout recent historical years. This beloved Germany city is the perfect getaway, for those young or old,  with friends or solo, due to Berlin being a city thriving with so much to see, you will never truly feel alone or out of place.

Berlin’s most famous landmark, the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

With an array of museums from ancient history to German history, and Art Galleries to soothe the souls of the population, cuisine from many corners of the world, thanks to its immigration from a notion of countries; this city still has not lost its German charm, but still manages to accommodate everyone. If you still have to explore Berlin, then make sure that it is put on your bucket list. As one of the more affordable capital cities in Western Europe, this place is a great travel destination. And even after numerous visits, I always feel refreshed when I visit this beautiful place. As always, wishing you all very happy travels!


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