Exploring the unexplored – La Punta, Lima – Peru

The coastal town of Lima shares a part of its border with the Atlantic ocean. The waves are strong, and surfing is very popular. However, in many parts of Peru, it is difficult to reach the beach, and surrounding ‘La Costa Verde’, it is a surfing only zone. Being close to the ocean is incredibly tempting, and if you crave to only go for a light dip, it can be daunting to plunge into the strong waves of the Atlantic.

In Callao, there is a place where the ocean resembles more that of the soothing Mediterranean rather than the fiery Atlantic. ‘La Punta’ which translates into English as ‘The Point’, is at the Northern tip of Lima, and can be seen as far away as Chorrillos, the most southern district the capital city has to offer.

A street in La Punta.

How to get there? Very easily accessible from San Miguel, there are many independent buses that stop on ‘La Marina’. They state ‘La Punta’ and will cost around 2 soles, equivalent to 0.60 U.S cents, one way. It is their final stop, so you get off at the very end of their journey. You will smell the fresh air and easily find yourself to the beach. There are three beaches located here, ‘Cantolao’, ‘Malecón’ and ‘La Arrieta’.

Playa Arrieta in the month of April.

La Punta is a small district compared with others in Lima but it certainly has a very unique beauty. Because of its geography and intense crime prevention programme, the district is incredibly safe and virtually crime-free and wonderfully clean. Buildings range from the very modern all the way back to 19th-century manors. La Punta is a relatively deserted part of Lima when it comes to tourism. This tranquillity is what gives this place its magic, so if you wish to escape mass crowds at the beach, or even within the city, this should definitely be on top of your list for places to go.

A photo of the food in one of my favourite cafes, Delibakery La Liguria.

There are a number of restaurants, cafes and even a market, so spending a day by the beach is perfect for a chilled summer day out when in Lima. This destination is very budget-friendly and efficient to get to. Definitely makes it onto my favourite things to do in Lima, Peru, and a strong advocate for those who seek some relaxation from the city. It certainly equated to an ideal Utopia within Lima.

IMG_4381 (1)

The district of La Punta at night.

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