Pretty, perfect, Prague – Czech Republic

Initially, I was sceptical to visit Prague. I did not think that it was worth my time but with an incredibly cheap bus ticket from Berlin and accommodation for three nights, I had no excuse. Friends had previously told me how amazing it was, so I simply had to go and check it out for myself. I did a little preparation before my visit, but I let fate do the most part. What I encountered was a desire to stay there forever, it was simply too magical.

Rich in architecture, being the home of ‘Charle’s Bridge’ alongside the world’s oldest clock, the ‘Astronomical clock’; Prague is filled with rows of gorgeous quaint streets, alongside a number of art museums, incredible street art and of course, their cuisine. Prague is rapidly becoming a Mecca with tourists internationally as it most certainly deserves. There is a lot that I cherish about Prague, although initially, I was hesitant to book a solo trip there, I now find myself craving the city’s oxygen.

Below is a list of some of the most memorable sights I witnessed in Prague in order to give your bucket-list some inspiration for when you visit:

1) Franz Kafka Museum and statue
Born in Prague on July 3, 1883, Kafka was a novelist and regarded as a major figure in 20th-century literature. The museum is in his honour and hosts a number of first edition Kafka books as well as displays of his original letters, diaries and drawings. The ticket prices for adults is 260 CZK, €10, with discounted tickets for students, and seniors, and the disabled, 180 CZK, €7.
Not far from the main square, you will come across a statue honouring his memory. The sculpture is based on one of Kafka’s short stories and expresses the surreal quality that he is known for through his writing. Another great monument dedicated to Kafka is the rotating head, which is situated adjacent to Prague’s city hall. If you are a fan of Kafka, then you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to pay homage by visiting all of the  attractions mentioned.


2) Sigmund Freud suspended statue
Created by the mind of David Černý, this statue can be easily missed if you don’t spare a moment to look up at the sky. Černý depicted the psychoanalyst fearing his worst fear, his own death. Contemplating whether or not he should hold on or let go, he stays put, with a few people mistaking him for a real person.

Don’t forget to look up or else you will miss the Freud suspended statue!


3) Prague Castle
This place is one for your camera. Giving you a taste of being in a fairytale, Prague Castle is certainly great for an entire day. You can enter the Castle’s ground for free, however, in order to witness the interior of the Castle or any of the other places including St. Vitus Cathedral, you will need to pay. Depending on how much you would like to see, will depend on how much you pay. You can click here to find out more. Every day, at 12 pm, you can witness the changing of the guards which lasts 15 minutes. I can definitely recommend securing a spot a few minutes prior in order to get the best view.

Stunning views can be seen for free from the Castle ground.


4) Charles Bridge
One of the most famous sites in Prague and the world is Charles Bridge. Measuring 13 metres in length, with a numerous amount of little stalls alongside street performances, you can easily spend an hour just walking from the Old Town to the Lesser Town, or vice versa. On your voyage, you are blessed with Statues of religious figures, such as Jesus Christ, and the most famed on the bridge, St John of Nepomuk. The baroque style of these sculptures is what really gives the bridge its gothic style. Many people touch the statue of St John, as it is claimed that he gives you the ability to return to the city of Prague.

Early morning and late at night are the best times to capture Charles Bridge without a mass of tourists.


5) Astronomical clock
Alongside Charles Bridge, when you mention Prague, the Astronomical clock is what appears in people’s minds. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest clock that is still in action. Every hour on the hour a hoard of people go to the clock to check out the mini-show that appears. It is definitely a sight not to be missed. You can also check out the view from the top of the tower for a small fee.

A close up view of Prague’s Astronomical clock.

I have to admit, one of my most favourite ways to pass the time in the city was sitting down and simply enjoying a trdelník, a delicious traditional Czech pastry, in the main square, admiring all the other tourists enjoying their time in the city. Their main square was definitely my favourite aspect alongside Charles bridge; I felt as though I was floating through time, walking what seemed to be a never-ending dream, with the statues accompanying you at every step.

What a typical sweet trdelník looks like.

Not only is their architecture, history and everything else the city has to enjoy simply worth spending time there, but the fact that it is incredibly budget-friendly makes it even better. You absolutely do not need to worry about breaking the bank, because it is simply not possible! Even a nice meal at a cosy restaurant, with a glass of wine or traditional Czech beer and dessert, can come to just over €10, for one person.

I hope this article has enticed you to book a short or long getaway to Prague and sample their lifestyle to the maximum. It is absolutely worth the time. There is no need to know any Czech, as the people are very friendly and eager to practise their English with you. As always, wishing you all happy travels, wherever your next destination will be.


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