A short article about myself

Welcome to my travel blog!

I am a twenty-two year-old girl, born in Germany but currently based in the UK, who is slightly obsessed with exploring the depths that this wonderful world has to offer. A curator of passport stamps, I find a thrill in sleeping a little and doing a lot.

Hence my multicultural name, Maria Victoria Hanako van Straaten, I have blood from three different continents running through my DNA, therefore it cannot be my fault that travelling ought to be running through my veins.

On my blog, I discuss my travels to the recent destinations and my experiences being in the given country. I also share some tips and tricks I find useful to help all my fellow travellers. I am new to the blogging world, so every little helps, so please don’t be afraid to comment and show me some love! I appreciate every word you have to say.

I enjoy sharing experiences others would like to know about, and great obscure destinations many don’t think or know about visiting. As previously stated my passion is sharing ideas and travelling and helping others on the way to becoming epic versions of themselves while experiencing the thrill of adventure.

Alongside conquering my goal of visiting all the countries in the world, my other passion is writing fiction. Being a travelling fictionist has allowed me to gather inspiration from different cultures, traditions and people that I have met along my journeys. I like to look at the world as an outsider peeking in, creating both utopian and dystopian settings, regarding socioeconomic factors and giving them a positive or negative twist. I am currently in the process of rewriting my debut novel, and I hope to reveal it to my audience very soon.

I still have a large majority of the world to conquer, as majority of my trips reside within Europe with a few of my passport stamps being from South America. Hopefully, I’ll be blessed even further with visiting many more wonders of the world, as the world does not lack in wonder! Feel free to share any content on my blog with your family and friends, allowing everybody to catch the travelling bug and to visit more countries, learn more culture and share exciting experiences with everyone else in the world.

If you wish to contact me via email please click here

Alternatively, you can follow all my adventures on my Instagram page. Where I post plenty of photos and curate travel guides. Click here to check it out.

Thanks for your time!

Maria xo


7 thoughts on “A short article about myself

  1. hey its me Sarvesh, I’m inviting you in my country India , come and enjoy this beautiful country with me I’ll be your guide and I know you gonna like this spiritual and developing country.. Incredible India.😄

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    1. Thank you Sarvesh! I really want to visit India one day hopefully I’ll get the chance to experience its cultural beauty soon! I’ll give you a shout when I’m coming over 😀👍🏼

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      1. Hey its good to know. 😊. As my point of view India contains whole beauty of every part of world. After 2 year I’ll be graduate so happy to show you my Incredible India


  2. Hi Maria,
    I see you have visited Italy but have you ever visited Abruzzo? It’s often overlooked by tourists because the region is not well-know. We’re not far from Rome and we have mountains and beaches. It’s truly a remarkable area. I live in Sulmona, which is one of the oldest towns in the area and home to the Latin poet Ovid, as well as confetti (sugared almonds) and arrosticini (barbecued lamb skewers). If you ever get the chance to come back to Italy, I highly recommend checking it out 🙂

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    1. Thank you for telling me about Abruzzo! I myself have not heard of that place but it sounds a delight! I’ll be sure to put it on my bucket list 👍🏼😀

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  3. Good luck to you. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders for someone your age. I wish you the best.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I really appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply by the way, but I hope you are doing good.

      Liked by 1 person

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