Five Questions with Author Toni Pike

I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Author, Toni Pike. She is a fellow traveller and novelist who enjoys travelling the corners of the world to gather inspiration for the scenes in her novels. I hope you enjoy reading this article, and her stories. 1. How did you initially find the inspiration [...]


How travelling the world makes you a storyteller

Imagination. We all have it- From the second we were born, we try to escape our reality into dreamland. Travel allows you to expand your creativity to new limits. Peeking over new horizons, you find bucket loads of it. You gather words of wisdom from humans who are the people who breed a generation of [...]

Chasing countries

Hopping from one plane to the next, getting to the next place to rest. Only for a day, as I continue my adventures in a different environment. Surviving on little sleep, daydreams, and little to eat, I ponder outside to wander. Take to the city's streets, look around and stop to breathe. Soaking in every [...]

The story about my retired name; travelling sloth

If you have been following me on social media for a while, then you would have heard about my old username handles. So, let me take you on an adventure. Follow my words, and you will arrive at the destination of my name. Travelling sloth. It’s a simple concoction of a verb and a noun. [...]

Mystery Blogger Award

                                  A different post from my usual structure. However, I hope you get to know me on a personal level more and enjoy reading my answers. I was nominated by the incredibly talented and fabulous blogger, Emily Guyton-Lange. Check out her [...]

On the path to minimalism

I believe minimalism and travelling go hand in hand. The less you own, the easier it is to pack up and leave, allowing the world to become your oyster. Here I will be explaining some tips which I found useful in decluttering which many of you will hopefully resonate with and understand the many benefits [...]

Five questions with Author Brittany Lewis

In a new segment on my blog, I will be posting more to do with lifestyle alongside travel. In the first to my literature segment, I have had the pleasure of interviewing fiction writer and author of many books, such as her 'Heir of Zion' series with her first two books 'Finding Freedom' and 'Heir [...]