The lazy guide to travelling

Travelling is not monotonous. That is why I love it. I love the excitement and stampedes at the airport. In fact, one of my favourite past times is going to airports. That is when you know your holiday begins, and it feels real. However, if you are quite lazy, like me, you know things can [...]


8 minimalist travel packing tips

As previously promised on my, 'How to travel on a Budget' article, I am here to help you all to decipher the code of packing light which could ultimately terminate a tremendous amount of stress involved when it comes to planning your next getaway. Throughout my time travelling and countless hours of packing for each [...]

My reasons to travel

To admire the world's beauty, soak in the atmosphere through your veins and respect the different dimensions which are all situated on our planet Earth which offers us no other than exceptional elegance are amazing qualities in itself. Here is a handful of reasons as to why travelling is always on top of my spending [...]

An adventure in Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amidst the chaos inflicted by bicycles throughout rush hour, and the paradoxical tranquillity provided by the soothing flow from the canals, Amsterdam is a city which is different to any other. From its small streets to its wide canals, the city which is threatened by rising sea level is not threatened by thriving modernity combined [...]

A European Adventure -Spending time in Stuttgart, Germany

Throughout my adventure in Europe, I had the pleasure of visiting a vast amount of cities in Germany. Moreover, as always it is great to visit my home country. Having never seen Stuttgart before, I thought that it was a must do, and I was correct. The city which is the heart of Germany's auto [...]

A European Adventure -Chernobyl Diary, Ukraine

Over thirty years ago on April 26, 1986, Ukraine became the host country to the worst nuclear disaster known to humankind. Seen as a modern day Pompeii, Chernobyl attracts a mass amount of tourists throughout the years it has been served to educate and demonstrate everyone about the dangers, consequences and life after the nuclear [...]

A European Adventure -Highlights of Kiev, Ukraine

Spending a couple of days in the city which stabilises Ukraine and is the heart of its cosmopolitan era, made me realise the difference between city life compared to their rural life. In the country which many categorise as a developing country in Europe, it exposes a varied culture, architecture and street style roaming its [...]

A European Adventure – My time in Bregenz, Austria

While travelling across one border to another of the countries which I had the pleasure of visiting within Europe, we managed to spend a small amount of time in Austria, before driving to Germany prior visiting Switzerland. Unfortunately, my time visiting Austria was cut short; I managed to witness the beautiful nature which surrounds the [...]

A European Adventure – Bears in Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is a land full of beauty. Moreover, their capital city is no other but beauty. Bern is a place I could see myself living in, for the following reasons; It is in Switzerland, and it is utterly beautiful! Let's not forget about their very famous bear park which gathers hoards of tourists every day. [...]

A European Adventure -Glorious Geneva, Switzerland

The country which founded the international aid of the Red Cross, and famous for the lake named in honour of the country, Lake Geneva, and its soaring alps, which gather a hoard of tourists in the winter months, there is little that the beautiful city of Switzerland lacks. Situated in the French Region of Switzerland, [...]