Five Questions with Author Toni Pike

I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Author, Toni Pike. She is a fellow traveller and novelist who enjoys travelling the corners of the world to gather inspiration for the scenes in her novels. I hope you enjoy reading this article, and her stories. 1. How did you initially find the inspiration [...]


A holiday for the senses – Bilbao, Spain

The Basque region of Spain is synonymous with food and art. Having first-hand experience in Bilbao and San Sebastian, I can say that its a liberation for your senses and does not fail to amaze. Bilbao is a thriving small city, a perfect place for a quick chilled getaway. Their art scene, mixed with the [...]

Interview with the founder of

I have had the pleasure of speaking to the founder of and interviewed Caitlin Childs over her new autumn line products. If you have yet to check out her beautiful fashion items, make sure to do so and follow her on all social media platforms in order to keep up to date with the [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Florence, Italy

Home to an era of history rich with art and sculpture, and embellished in amazing culture with stunning scenery. Whether you are a history, or art fanatic, or simply want a short city break, Florence is calling your name! Sharing certain similarities with Milan, from their famed piazza du Duomo to their streets covered in [...]

The capital city of Beauty – Paris, France

The allure Paris has to offer is enticing. There is a reason why it wins people's hearts and why it is recognised for beauty and eloquence because the city attains for nothing less than perfection. From charismatic people to stunning architecture and art, and excellent cuisine, Paris is a city for everyone to enjoy and [...]

Exploring your own city, Saltaire, Bradford, United Kingdom

When the sun hits the UK, you need to make the most of it! That's why I took the opportunity to explore what my city has to offer! The world heritage site, Saltaire, was the place I decided to visit. It's been a while, as since I arrived back in the UK I haven't had [...]

A European Adventure – Appreciation post

I thought it would be appropriate if I dedicated a post to the ridiculously stunning motorways Switzerland have to offer. The best motorways out of any country, which I have had the pleasure of witnessing by far. The endless scenery, structure and organisation throughout are mesmerising and a trip to remember. If you get the [...]

A European Adventure -Glorious Geneva, Switzerland

The country which founded the international aid of the Red Cross, and famous for the lake named in honour of the country, Lake Geneva, and its soaring alps, which gather a hoard of tourists in the winter months, there is little that the beautiful city of Switzerland lacks. Situated in the French Region of Switzerland, [...]

Inside the Louvre

Not only is the building itself an architectural beauty, with all the art, sculpture and history inside a glass pyramid, you also have the Louvre Palace surrounding the Louvre. The building used to be a simple fortress in the medieval era but later transformed to become a Palace during the Renaissance. So much history to [...]