A Milanese Christmas

Sorry for my absence, but with all the commotion lately I just had to recalibrate in order to get back to blogging, but here I am with a lot of content that I will be sharing throughout the next few weeks, so I hope you find it interesting! So, what should be the number one [...]


Most wonderful time of the year – Christmas & New Year in Berlin, Germany

With lights covering every street lamp, Christmas trees galore and a handful of cheery Christmas Markets, visiting Berlin at the special time of Christmas is a must, at least once in a lifetime!   With a great variety in Christmas Markets across every street in the Centre of Berlin, you can enjoy traditional German food [...]

The Latin Spirit

It is a strange sensation adapting to the warmer climate and knowing you will not be having a white Christmas. Leading up to Christmas I was not feeling the Christmas spirit and was feeling somewhat lost without my rather a faithful companion, snow. Everybody who knows me knows I love snow, especially at winter time. [...]