Interview with the CEO of ‘Storyteller’

A new up and coming travel accessory business, Storyteller, not only sells excellent gadgets and accessories, but they also help the less fortunate, with each purchase made. Doing precisely as what their motto states 'travel more, do good.' I have had the honour of getting an insight into the business and the life of the [...]


Uncovering British Treasures – Skipton, North Yorkshire

Usually overlooked and maybe not known to many tourists, is the beautiful small countryside town of Skipton in West Yorkshire. With its calm atmosphere and eloquent history, it makes for an excellent opportunity to visit if you have never been even if you only have one day to visit. Amidst its cute small shops and [...]

Welcome to Newcastle, United Kingdom

The modest Northern city of Newcastle may not be as famous as London or Manchester. However, there are many gems that it has to offer for everybody to visit. With its most renown architecture being the Gateshead Millenium bridge, and it's exciting concert venue the Sage Centre building. The city is beautifully photogenic both during [...]

What to do in York, England

The Northern English city of York may not be on top of everyone's travel lists but aside to being the home of the notorious Guy Fawkes, and famous for their horse racing, York is a cosy, touristy town where everyone is more than welcome. Alongside their rich history, culture and vast amount of museums to [...]

A short vacation in Chester, United Kingdom

The city of Chester. A beautiful, timely city with a small tourist attraction offers a lot to please the eye. With rustic architecture and modern shops, there is something for everybody. Pairing a little resemblance with York, you can see why Chester is becoming ever more popular, and a must see if you have a [...]

Exploring your own city, Saltaire, Bradford, United Kingdom

When the sun hits the UK, you need to make the most of it! That's why I took the opportunity to explore what my city has to offer! The world heritage site, Saltaire, was the place I decided to visit. It's been a while, as since I arrived back in the UK I haven't had [...]

A day to explore Chester, United Kingdom

On my way back from the beautiful Wales, I opted to take some time out and visit a friend in Chester. Having onto been on the outskirts before and visiting the zoo, I had never delved into the city itself. The city was vibrant with markets, and stores abundantly present as people shopped on Saturday. [...]

A European Adventure – Final destination, London, England

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the world is London. With so many visiting the city with high hopes they go home with great satisfaction. Many believe that London is the epitome of all things British, but in fact, it is the most diverse city in the United Kingdom. However, it has everything you [...]

Being back in the UK

After a year of travelling abroad and spending a year living in the South American country of Peru, I can be safe to say that I am enjoying tranquillity back in the UK. It has been exactly a month since I have been resting in my home. Although the experience was excellent and I am [...]

A walk through West Yorkshire (Harden waterfall)

Yorkshire is renown for its countryside and acres of green land. The air you breathe is as fresh as it was 2000bc when no man made objects which affected the perfect environment. Apart from that, its natural beauty is compelling and overwhelming. So fascinating how traditional beauty landmarks which have not been toggled by man [...]