The forgotten city of Herculaneum, Italy

Once a vibrant coastal city, where only the wealthy Romans could afford to live, Herculaneum has become nothing more than rubble and ruins. Living in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, there was no escape for its inhabitants when the infamous explosion occurred in 79ad. Pompeii is the main tourist attractions when visiting the coast of [...]


Top things to do in Turin, Italy

Turin, home of the best coffee that I have ever tasted and also their famous chocolate, is undoubtedly a great place to visit when in Italy. Luckily all the attractions are close to one another, so you most likely not get lost. However, if you are searching for a cash machine, you may need to [...]

Why you should visit Turin, Italy

Branded as the forgotten city, due to the fall of tourism it has received throughout the years, Turin boasts elegance, as well as culture and scenery. Your eyes will thank you when you visit Turin! Situated close to the French border, the charming small city of Turin is a Northern Italian treasure. Easily accessible by [...]

What to do in Milan

The second time around I was measurably more prepared than the first time. I researched and planned out exactly what to do each day, leaving some space for a few last minute trips to see other things which I had not previously known about. If you want to fit a lot in within a few [...]

A Milanese Christmas

Sorry for my absence, but with all the commotion lately I just had to recalibrate in order to get back to blogging, but here I am with a lot of content that I will be sharing throughout the next few weeks, so I hope you find it interesting! So, what should be the number one [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Florence, Italy

Home to an era of history rich with art and sculpture, and embellished in amazing culture with stunning scenery. Whether you are a history, or art fanatic, or simply want a short city break, Florence is calling your name! Sharing certain similarities with Milan, from their famed piazza du Duomo to their streets covered in [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Manarola, possibly most famous for its photogenic scenery, made famous by Google images and attracts the whole world due to its different and tranquil style of life. One of the most popular out of the five towns in Cinque Terre, which translates to 'five lands', is noticeable. A great place if you enjoy lovely views, [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

Tuscany is radiant with beauty. From its novel cities to its rural towns. Cinque Terre is comprised of five quiet towns. Although they are small, don't be fooled. The Cinque Terre region blooms in elegance and allure, which can be described as nothing less but a treat for the eyes. My first stop was to [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Pisa, Italy

Commencing with a new series following my recent adventure through the Tuscany region of Italy, I will start with recurring back to my latest journey in Pisa. When anybody mentions Pisa, the first thing to cross everybody's mind immediately is its glorious Leaning Tower. Seeing the tower with one's own eyes and being stood in [...]

A European Adventure – Bello Milano

In the North of Italy, is situated Italy's most prominent city of high fashion, with Milan Fashion Week being hosted there every year. With its richness in style, Milan is the heart of history, art and architecture along with some of the best tasting food and hot climate, where else would you find everything in [...]