What to know before visiting Peru

Famous for Machu Picchu, the country of Peru is a dream destination for many. It may have a reputation for being dangerous, but the reality of that statement being true is very small and does not define the country one bit. However, what Peru indeed is, is a vibrant country filled with cuisine, culture and [...]


Exploring Peru’s tastiest restaurants – #2 KO

Peru has a great amount of Japanese influence and history brought by the vast amount of Japanese migrants in the late 1800s. One of my favourite worldwide cuisines is Japanese; After all, I am 1/8th Japanese, so I simply had to go in and treat myself to one of my favourite cuisines. When I discovered [...]

Exploring Peru’s tastiest restaurants – #1 Mangos

Eating delicious traditional food can be really cheap here in Peru and it is good quality don’t be fooled by the prices or environment! Of course many tourists will lack this opportunity as they are in remote areas and the staff will most likely not understand English so you have to be pretty fluent in [...]

Peru; Great for your stomach!

Living in Peru for a whole year, from early September 2015, meant that I was eating, quite a lot and with my sweet tooth cravings that meant I was manifesting through the desserts menu like no tomorrow, enjoying some original Peruvian delicacies as well as some home comforts. When I first arrived in early September, [...]

1st civilisation in America – Caral, Peru

A new found land, recently discovered and now part of the UNESCO world heritage site, as being one of the first civilisations to have marked the history of America. The archeological site is still in excavation as we are still discovering the history behind the people who created the civilisation 5000 years ago occupying the [...]

Being a tourist – Cusco, Peru

The city which was made by the fame of Machu Picchu is a home to a hoard of tourists daily. However, due to the large amount of tourists, it can get hectic during the popular summer months. I have had the grand pleasure of wandering around many countries, both in South America and Europe, and [...]

It’s a wonderful world – Machu Picchu, Peru

A wonder of the world, for the world and the eyes and soul. I thought that maybe it would be overrated by people, as many tourists flock, many not caring about its history, many just going to say they have been, but if you take the time to breathe its air and enjoy all of [...]

Deepest darkest Peru – Iquitos, Peru

Down in the deep rainforest, one is aghast with the stark amount of gorgeous creatures who still manage to have a home. However, each day the Amazon rainforest is becoming more endangered with poachers and businesses who are willing to destroy such beauty for some dainty cash. But the rainforest does not back down, neither [...]

Mystery lines – Nazca, Peru

I have recently arrived from the joyous experience of visiting Nazca, Peru, and having a fun packed adventure! What initially drove me to visit the place was the mysterious and infamous Nazca lines which decorate the desert wonderfully. Alongside that I visited Cahuachi, some ruins discovered recently, which were from the Nazca civilisation who ruled [...]

Forgotten warriors – ‘Los Wari’ of Peru

A country known as the home of one of the oldest and bravest civilisations, the Incas, holds a deeper and richer history in its core, the Wari. I engaged in their past a short time ago but visiting some of their Huacas, a burial system similar to the Egyptians where they shared some beliefs of [...]