What to do in York, England

The Northern English city of York may not be on top of everyone's travel lists but aside to being the home of the notorious Guy Fawkes, and famous for their horse racing, York is a cosy, touristy town where everyone is more than welcome. Alongside their rich history, culture and vast amount of museums to [...]


My reasons to travel

To admire the world's beauty, soak in the atmosphere through your veins and respect the different dimensions which are all situated on our planet Earth which offers us no other than exceptional elegance are amazing qualities in itself. Here is a handful of reasons as to why travelling is always on top of my spending [...]

Most wonderful time of the year – Christmas & New Year in Berlin, Germany

With lights covering every street lamp, Christmas trees galore and a handful of cheery Christmas Markets, visiting Berlin at the special time of Christmas is a must, at least once in a lifetime!   With a great variety in Christmas Markets across every street in the Centre of Berlin, you can enjoy traditional German food [...]

A European Adventure – Final destination, London, England

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the world is London. With so many visiting the city with high hopes they go home with great satisfaction. Many believe that London is the epitome of all things British, but in fact, it is the most diverse city in the United Kingdom. However, it has everything you [...]

A European Adventure – A trip to Miltenberg, Germany

The small town of Miltenberg, occupying 9000 people, is situated in the district of Bavaria. With stunning, antique architecture it clearly displays its uniqueness through their buildings and roads. It is not a huge tourist area for many foreigners even though it totally should be! This was my first time visiting the town, and I [...]

My reasons for travelling on your gap year

Some people feel as though they need to get to university as soon as they finish their secondary education, to get a good job at a young age and have the ability to travel once they have completed university. Life is not a race, and I prefer to breathe from time to time than quarrel [...]

Being back in the UK

After a year of travelling abroad and spending a year living in the South American country of Peru, I can be safe to say that I am enjoying tranquillity back in the UK. It has been exactly a month since I have been resting in my home. Although the experience was excellent and I am [...]

1st civilisation in America – Caral, Peru

A new found land, recently discovered and now part of the UNESCO world heritage site, as being one of the first civilisations to have marked the history of America. The archeological site is still in excavation as we are still discovering the history behind the people who created the civilisation 5000 years ago occupying the [...]

Being a tourist – Cusco, Peru

The city which was made by the fame of Machu Picchu is a home to a hoard of tourists daily. However, due to the large amount of tourists, it can get hectic during the popular summer months. I have had the grand pleasure of wandering around many countries, both in South America and Europe, and [...]

It’s a wonderful world – Machu Picchu, Peru

A wonder of the world, for the world and the eyes and soul. I thought that maybe it would be overrated by people, as many tourists flock, many not caring about its history, many just going to say they have been, but if you take the time to breathe its air and enjoy all of [...]