Why you should visit Portugal in 2018

Majority of the time, Portugal is overlooked by many. Especially the northern part of the country. However, Portugal is not just great as a beach destination. It offers so much more than a warm climate, which is the primary reason why many people travel to the country for the summer. Year-round, Portugal is a country [...]


How to travel non-stop

So, you’ve decided that travelling once or twice a year isn’t sufficing your appetite anymore? Don’t worry, because with a little bit of courage you can travel the world non-stop. Living inside a plane, rather than a house. Here are my tips as to how you can live that lifestyle. Use your hobbies to earn [...]

You are never too young, or too old to travel

One of the best things about travelling, aside from having great experiences, seeing different cultures and how people all over the world live, is that travel has no expiration date and no room for discrimination. You are never too young or too old to travel. Here I have a list of reasons why you should [...]

How to vacation like a pro

Planning your escape to another city or country is very exciting. However, organising the trip, not so much. From packing to planning, I have curated a list of things that will help you with your next journey, so that you can travel with ease and have the best time, not the worst time. 1) Your [...]

Interview with the CEO of ‘Storyteller’

A new up and coming travel accessory business, Storyteller, not only sells excellent gadgets and accessories, but they also help the less fortunate, with each purchase made. Doing precisely as what their motto states 'travel more, do good.' I have had the honour of getting an insight into the business and the life of the [...]

The unforgettable gem of the French Riviera – Mentón

With its nickname 'Pearl of France' this quaint city is sure a must see. Sandwiched between the Italian Riviera and Monaco, Mentón is the city not many people from abroad decide to spend their holiday. The town boasts much beauty that many oversee, which is why I want to share with you a few reasons [...]

A novice guide to seeing the world

Travelling is what brings us together, and many of us have the need and want to travel outside of our country. It is just that many we do not know where to begin! Airfare is too high, hotel prices are high, and it seems like too much fuss. Well, luckily for you I am here [...]

Five Questions with Author Toni Pike

I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Author, Toni Pike. She is a fellow traveller and novelist who enjoys travelling the corners of the world to gather inspiration for the scenes in her novels. I hope you enjoy reading this article, and her stories. 1. How did you initially find the inspiration [...]

How travelling the world makes you a storyteller

Imagination. We all have it- From the second we were born, we try to escape our reality into dreamland. Travel allows you to expand your creativity to new limits. Peeking over new horizons, you find bucket loads of it. You gather words of wisdom from humans who are the people who breed a generation of [...]

The lazy guide to travelling

Travelling is not monotonous. That is why I love it. I love the excitement and stampedes at the airport. In fact, one of my favourite past times is going to airports. That is when you know your holiday begins, and it feels real. However, if you are quite lazy, like me, you know things can [...]