My reasons for travelling on your gap year

Some people feel as though they need to get to university as soon as they finish their secondary education, to get a good job at a young age and have the ability to travel once they have completed university. Life is not a race, and I prefer to breathe from time to time than quarrel [...]


Being back in the UK

After a year of travelling abroad and spending a year living in the South American country of Peru, I can be safe to say that I am enjoying tranquillity back in the UK. It has been exactly a month since I have been resting in my home. Although the experience was excellent and I am [...]

1st civilisation in America – Caral, Peru

A new found land, recently discovered and now part of the UNESCO world heritage site, as being one of the first civilisations to have marked the history of America. The archeological site is still in excavation as we are still discovering the history behind the people who created the civilisation 5000 years ago occupying the [...]

Being a tourist – Cusco, Peru

The city which was made by the fame of Machu Picchu is a home to a hoard of tourists daily. However, due to the large amount of tourists, it can get hectic during the popular summer months. I have had the grand pleasure of wandering around many countries, both in South America and Europe, and [...]

Deepest darkest Peru – Iquitos, Peru

Down in the deep rainforest, one is aghast with the stark amount of gorgeous creatures who still manage to have a home. However, each day the Amazon rainforest is becoming more endangered with poachers and businesses who are willing to destroy such beauty for some dainty cash. But the rainforest does not back down, neither [...]

Mystery lines – Nazca, Peru

I have recently arrived from the joyous experience of visiting Nazca, Peru, and having a fun packed adventure! What initially drove me to visit the place was the mysterious and infamous Nazca lines which decorate the desert wonderfully. Alongside that I visited Cahuachi, some ruins discovered recently, which were from the Nazca civilisation who ruled [...]

Forgotten warriors – ‘Los Wari’ of Peru

A country known as the home of one of the oldest and bravest civilisations, the Incas, holds a deeper and richer history in its core, the Wari. I engaged in their past a short time ago but visiting some of their Huacas, a burial system similar to the Egyptians where they shared some beliefs of [...]

Frolicking in Naples

I keep jumping back and forth with blogs about my time in Italy, and this time, I am telling you my antics that occurred to me during my time in Naples, alongside some, hopefully, useful information which will inspire you to visit this beautiful Southern Italian city. The place itself is an urban, typically styled [...]

I’m nominated for the Liebster Award!

I am so happy to have been nominated by the awesome Addie from I am super humbled to have this opportunity to bring hopefully more readers to my blog. I have only been posting for the past month or so, therefore, would love to obtain more readers with the same passion as myself and [...]

Capri ‘sun’ Island

  Capri, the small island in Italy. Where many rich actors and celebrities live. Home to stars such as the inventor of Nutella (a true legend) and Faye Dunaway, a stunning actress. It was home to many more, such, not forgetting Hollywood actress turned Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. This tiny island is home to a [...]