Fight the addiction of travel with travel

You crave change but fear the unknown
Nothing satisfies your soul as far as you know
You cherish each working day for the bread it feeds your family
There is nothing less loyal than living in lack of clarity
You have heard lies but know only to believe them
It is not as though they don’t feed you with a spoon for you not to eat them
The only thing that resuscitates your dead mind
Is to travel to claim your kind
Find your crowd through a sea of sharks
Then you will realise your life isn’t so dark
You cherish moments, not things
For your addiction to travel will fix everything


Welcome to my blog!

I am a 20-year-old German-born, British based girl obsessed with exploring the depths this wonderful world has to offer. A curator of passport stamps, I find thrill in sleeping little but doing a lot.

Hence my multicultural name, Maria Victoria Hanako van Straaten, I have blood from 3 different continents, therefore it cannot be my fault that travelling ought to be running through my veins.

On my blog, I discuss my travels to the recent destinations and my experiences being in the given country. I also share some tips and tricks I find useful to help all my fellow travellers. I am new to the blogging world, so every little helps, so please don’t be afraid to comment and show me some love! I appreciate every word you have to say.

I enjoy sharing experiences others would like to know about, and great obscure destinations many don’t think or know about visiting. As previously stated my passion is sharing ideas and travelling and helping others on the way to becoming epic versions of themselves while experiencing the thrill of adventure.

I still have a large majority of the world to conquer, as majority of my trips reside within Europe with a few of my passport stamps being from South America. Hopefully, I’ll be further blessed with visiting many more wonders of the world, as the world does not lack in wonder! Feel free to share any content on my blog with your family and friends, allowing everybody to catch the travelling bug and to visit more countries, learn more culture and share exciting experiences with everyone else in the world.

Thanks for your time!

Maria xo