Exploring Peru’s tastiest restaurants – #2 KO

Peru has a great amount of Japanese influence and history brought by the vast amount of Japanese migrants in the late 1800s. One of my favourite worldwide cuisines is Japanese; After all, I am 1/8th Japanese, so I simply had to go in and treat myself to one of my favourite cuisines. When I discovered [...]


Exploring Peru’s tastiest restaurants – #1 Mangos

Eating delicious traditional food can be really cheap here in Peru and it is good quality don’t be fooled by the prices or environment! Of course many tourists will lack this opportunity as they are in remote areas and the staff will most likely not understand English so you have to be pretty fluent in [...]

Peru; Great for your stomach!

Living in Peru for a whole year, from early September 2015, meant that I was eating, quite a lot and with my sweet tooth cravings that meant I was manifesting through the desserts menu like no tomorrow, enjoying some original Peruvian delicacies as well as some home comforts. When I first arrived in early September, [...]