The utopian fairytale city of Sintra, Portugal

Located one hour away from Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon, Sintra is a gorgeous small town which begs you to visit and appreciate the natural as well as architectural wonders it holds. Known for its fairytale-Esque scenery, accompanied by majestic castles and fortresses, with Pena Palace being the most popular.


Pena palace

Tourists flock to take some time away from the capital and into the peaceful atmosphere that Sintra provides. With many direct links easily accessible via Lisbon’s central train station, the short journey takes you through many small Portuguese towns the quaint countryside. A round-trip ticket costs 4.30 euros, therefore there really is no excuse to spend a day or two in Sintra.

A glimpse into Sintra

Pena palace is synonymous with Sintra, the top attraction the city has to offer. Proudly standing on top of Sintra’s mountains, looking down onto the town, there is no ability to avoid its presence as its vibrant colours make it stand out; even on a foggy day. If you wish to observe the palace’s exterior and nothing else, the cost of the ticket to enter the premises and wander around the garden is €7.50/€6.50/€6.50/€26.00 (adult/child/senior/family). The palace’s garden is another town in itself, with vast greenery to enjoy. €14 is the price if you wish to also visit the interior, which I have to say is definitely worth the price, as its decor will leave you speechless.

The interior of Pena palace

Alongside Pena Palace, Montserrate palace is another location where many tourists love to visit, as its beauty is undeniable. Adult tickets to enter the premises are €8.00 with those aged between 6-17 or over 64 being discounted to €6.50, and families of four paying €26.00. A short 10-minute bus journey from Sintra’s train station, with buses running every 25 minutes, it is very well located and accessible for all visitors to the city who wish to capture the beauty of the palace of Montserrate with their own eyes.


Monserrate palace

Portugal is immensely budget-friendly, as the ticket prices speak for themselves. If you have time to spare from your visit to Lisbon then I highly recommend Sintra, as it is a nice contrast to the already soul-soothing capital city. There are a vast array of lesser-known castles, and fortresses to swoon over, therefore doing your own research before departing will give you a good indication as to how long you actually wish to stay in Sintra. A day may be sufficient for some, but others may like to spend a couple or more days to fully appreciate the city that is somewhat frozen in time.


7 thoughts on “The utopian fairytale city of Sintra, Portugal

  1. Great post and fantastic photos, Sintra is one of my favourite places to explore in Portugal, would love to go back one day and see more of it 😀


    1. Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed my article on Sintra. I instantaneously fell in love with the city, and looking to plan a trip back in the future. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks amazing. Hopefully going there soon.


    1. It is more than amazing! I was very impressed with everything Sintra has to offer. I hope you get to go there very soon 🙂


  3. Love your photos Maria. Sintra is a great place.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you do. And I wholeheartedly agree, I adore Sintra!


  4. I visited Sintra about 15 years ago and remember it was amazing!! Such a beautiful place!


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