What I carry in my travel makeup bag

Although I am far from being considered a makeup expert, artist, what be it, I thought it would be a fun article to post showcasing my minimal amount of makeup that I use to travel with on occasion I wish to look glam. Moreover, also share a few small tips I have picked up during [...]


What makeup essentials should you travel with?

Who loves to travel but hates the dreaded heat of exploring the world around you? I made this list of makeup essentials to carry with you in a makeup bag that will help you do a full face for your adventure! The best part? I'm adding in a key product to help you keep your [...]

Keeping yourself looking and feeling awesome while travelling

When travelling especially for long distances and having various stops around the world, it can leave you feeling exhausted and that can show, immensely! Your skin can feel dry and undereye bags can begin to show. This is a sign that you've got to look after yourself. Don't let yourself think it is not important [...]