Forgotten warriors – ‘Los Wari’ of Peru

A country known as the home of one of the oldest and bravest civilisations, the Incas, holds a deeper and richer history in its core, the Wari. I engaged in their past a short time ago but visiting some of their Huacas, a burial system similar to the Egyptians where they shared some beliefs of [...]


Admiring tranquility

Living close to the beach in Peru means I spend most of my days chilling by it. Feeling stressed? To the beach I go! I can see so clearly how relaxed it is by the beach than when I head to the city and I'm stuck in traffic for hours on end with multiple people [...]

The Latin Spirit

It is a strange sensation adapting to the warmer climate and knowing you will not be having a white Christmas. Leading up to Christmas I was not feeling the Christmas spirit and was feeling somewhat lost without my rather a faithful companion, snow. Everybody who knows me knows I love snow, especially at winter time. [...]

Hidden treasures of Peru

Visiting Peru? To visit Machu Picchu or to wander through the country's hidden gems? Machu Picchu, Cusco, is the one landmark and attraction people think about whenever you mention Peru. The country, bustling with tradition, world award winning cuisine, tropical weather, love of the Peruvian step horses and warm-hearted people. I have been spending the [...]