A European Adventure – Appreciation post

I thought it would be appropriate if I dedicated a post to the ridiculously stunning motorways Switzerland have to offer. The best motorways out of any country, which I have had the pleasure of witnessing by far. The endless scenery, structure and organisation throughout are mesmerising and a trip to remember. If you get the [...]


A European Adventure – Bears in Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is a land full of beauty. Moreover, their capital city is no other but beauty. Bern is a place I could see myself living in, for the following reasons; It is in Switzerland, and it is utterly beautiful! Let's not forget about their very famous bear park which gathers hoards of tourists every day. [...]

A European Adventure -Glorious Geneva, Switzerland

The country which founded the international aid of the Red Cross, and famous for the lake named in honour of the country, Lake Geneva, and its soaring alps, which gather a hoard of tourists in the winter months, there is little that the beautiful city of Switzerland lacks. Situated in the French Region of Switzerland, [...]