Conquering Mt. Vesuvius

While backpacking in Italy, I had to visit the famous volcano that destroyed the city known as Pompeii, situated in Naples. My ‘obsession’ with Pompeii began ever since I read a book about it in Primary school. Since then I’ve always wanted to visit the famous ruins, making my dream come true last summer. My second article on my blog was about my adventure in Pompeii; it is rather short but in all honestly it is so breathtaking I could only find a few words to describe the feeling of seeing the place with my own eyes.

Nearly at its peak!

Mount Vesuvius, is known as being one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world and is still highly active. Situated only 9 kilometres from Naples and with a mild elevation of 1,281 metres above sea level. It is strenuous to reach the top of the volcano but you do not need much trekking experience to get to it, it is open to everyone and something someone should embark on! Once I reached the top, the view was gorgeous, you also have a little cafe and gift shop to buy artefacts made from the volcanic rock. You could see that the volcano was still alive and breathing as smoke was rising from inside. It is the last eruption was in 1944 but wasn’t near as catastrophic as in 79ad that covered the city of Pompei in volcanic ash, including nearly everybody there, only the minority of the people were lucky enough to escape its wrath. Ever since that moment the city has been known for its catastrophe, and the label has stuck with it making it a super busy and popular tourist attraction.

Walking on top of Mount Vesuvius, conquered it!


Many millions of guests walk the grounds of Mount Vesuvius every year and it sure is a treat. The air is crisp and fresh especially in the morning and you see the clouds elevate themselves from the fog that covered the city. Being so close to the famous volcano that caused such disaster and destruction during the Roman Era. An era was known for its resilience and eagerness to rule the world, changed them by such a small but powerful volcano, makes it a once in a lifetime experience!

The gorgeous view makes the heavy trek worth it!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love your blog 😀 xx

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! :Dxx


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