A Milanese Christmas

Sorry for my absence, but with all the commotion lately I just had to recalibrate in order to get back to blogging, but here I am with a lot of content that I will be sharing throughout the next few weeks, so I hope you find it interesting! So, what should be the number one [...]


Uncovering British Treasures – Skipton, North Yorkshire

Usually overlooked and maybe not known to many tourists, is the beautiful small countryside town of Skipton in West Yorkshire. With its calm atmosphere and eloquent history, it makes for an excellent opportunity to visit if you have never been even if you only have one day to visit. Amidst its cute small shops and [...]

Basking in the Spanish sun – San Sebastian, Spain

The peaceful beach town of Donostia, San Sebastián is a great place if you are looking for an escape from the city. Situated only an hour and a half from Bilbao, and close to the French border, it is a refreshing sight to see and experience if you want to relax and swim in the [...]

Welcome to Newcastle, United Kingdom

The modest Northern city of Newcastle may not be as famous as London or Manchester. However, there are many gems that it has to offer for everybody to visit. With its most renown architecture being the Gateshead Millenium bridge, and it's exciting concert venue the Sage Centre building. The city is beautifully photogenic both during [...]

My current travel companion

I never forget my little friend when carefully selecting what to fill my backpack with before I galavant on my adventure. For the past year, through endless journeys across Europe and South America, my Nikon P900 camera has been a great friend. Today I will explain how I manage to capture my travel shots with [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Florence, Italy

Home to an era of history rich with art and sculpture, and embellished in amazing culture with stunning scenery. Whether you are a history, or art fanatic, or simply want a short city break, Florence is calling your name! Sharing certain similarities with Milan, from their famed piazza du Duomo to their streets covered in [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Manarola, possibly most famous for its photogenic scenery, made famous by Google images and attracts the whole world due to its different and tranquil style of life. One of the most popular out of the five towns in Cinque Terre, which translates to 'five lands', is noticeable. A great place if you enjoy lovely views, [...]

Travelling through Tuscany – Pisa, Italy

Commencing with a new series following my recent adventure through the Tuscany region of Italy, I will start with recurring back to my latest journey in Pisa. When anybody mentions Pisa, the first thing to cross everybody's mind immediately is its glorious Leaning Tower. Seeing the tower with one's own eyes and being stood in [...]

An adventure in Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amidst the chaos inflicted by bicycles throughout rush hour, and the paradoxical tranquillity provided by the soothing flow from the canals, Amsterdam is a city which is different to any other. From its small streets to its wide canals, the city which is threatened by rising sea level is not threatened by thriving modernity combined [...]

The capital city of Beauty – Paris, France

The allure Paris has to offer is enticing. There is a reason why it wins people's hearts and why it is recognised for beauty and eloquence because the city attains for nothing less than perfection. From charismatic people to stunning architecture and art, and excellent cuisine, Paris is a city for everyone to enjoy and [...]