A European Adventure -Highlights of Kiev, Ukraine

Spending a couple of days in the city which stabilises Ukraine and is the heart of its cosmopolitan era, made me realise the difference between city life compared to their rural life.

In the country which many categorise as a developing country in Europe, it exposes a varied culture, architecture and street style roaming its streets. Although my time there was cut short, their inflation in currency meant I hardly spent anything when I converted my euros which were another positive for me!

The forty minute car ride from the airport to the hotel allowed me to see the different sides of Ukraine and the difference aspects of lives people live. The gap between the wealthy and poor is very visible alongside the ruralness of the countryside and the fast life of the capital city.

Visiting every country in the world allows one to broaden their strategic aspects and analyse how differently the world works. Everybody is different in his or her own way, but every human is very similar in total. That is the beauty of being able to witness so many differences of opinion of a country, city and the entirety of the world.


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