What to do in York, England

The Northern English city of York may not be on top of everyone’s travel lists but aside to being the home of the notorious Guy Fawkes, and famous for their horse racing, York is a cosy, touristy town where everyone is more than welcome. Alongside their rich history, culture and vast amount of museums to entertain yourself, hopefully this article will strive you to visit the quaint Northern English town for yourself.

The home of the man behind the gunpowder plot, Guy Fawkes.


With their large selection of museums, including Jorvik, National Railway Museum, Yorkshire Museum and York Art Gallery, to keep you busy, and ample bars for a great night out. York is perfect for everybody, no matter what you want to do.

National Railway Museum

York’s Minster is a beautiful photogenic building for all photographers to take advantage in grabbing an excellent photograph. The small street of ‘Little Shambles.’ is also beautiful and crammed with unique stores. Protect your wallet!

The street of Little Shambles

Besides all the fun activities, the whole scenery York has to offer, oozes beauty for a great short escape. Whenever you have time while on your adventure across England do try to include York to your itinerary, you will regret it if you do not!




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