The lazy guide to travelling

Travelling is not monotonous. That is why I love it. I love the excitement and stampedes at the airport. In fact, one of my favourite past times is going to airports. That is when you know your holiday begins, and it feels real. However, if you are quite lazy, like me, you know things can get super stressful very quickly. I have been in an out so many airports since I was born, and with these last few years occupied with travel, I think I have accumulated a good portion of tips on how to be organised even if you are lazy.

1. Pack in advance. Alternatively, never unpack.
It is never too early to pack. In fact, whenever you have time, pack. Try not to leave it until the last minute if it is not necessary. I have the basic travelling essentials that I take with me anywhere I go. Making a list prior to packing will allow you not to forget anything important. Therefore you will not need to stress about it. If you travel often, then simply keep your necessities always packed and change your outfits if needed.

2. Leave your outfit ready for the next day.
Comfy casual is the chic aeroplane look. I always make sure to leave my clothing ready so that I do not have to worry about it in the morning when I am half asleep.

3. Fresh faced is the way to go.
Wash your face and make sure it is moisturised and you are ready to leave your home. I always tend to take a small bottle of moisturiser with me, as the skin can get super dry when you are flying.

4. Your phone is your best friend.
Your phone can carry your money, books, movies, and even your boarding passes. With it being so small it is practical and a great companion to bring around with you, also as your camera.

5. Keep your money by your side.
Alternatively, in my case, my debit/credit card. I find I get a great exchange rate on the currency once I arrive at my destination. It makes for a more relaxed experience if you need to spend a little money on things such as water in the airport. You can take your already exchanged cash if you prefer to calculate your spendings.

6. Book your hotel in the centre or close to your activities.
Prices tend to be more expensive closer to the centre, and tourist attractions but if you are going to go to visit those sites and spend time there, then it is a better deal. You do not need to pay to spend more money for transport and wake up earlier to get to your destination. After all, holidays are meant to be relaxing! Every day is expected to be relaxing!

7. Make your itinerary before visiting.
Planning before visiting the city, can take much stress off your shoulders. You know what to do every day and when you can wake up, without needing to try and do everything in one go.

8. Use apps to guide you on your journey.
Google maps, Tiqets and other travel related apps are great for keeping everything organised for you, leaving you to simply enjoy your holiday without having to do all the work.

I try to simplify everything in my life, with travelling in particular. There is no need to stress about anything, especially with all the technology that is here to help us today. I hope my tips have given you some ideas about how to make your future travelling a stress-free experience. If you have any extra tips, please share them to help other fellow travellers. As always I wish you all happy travels!



2 thoughts on “The lazy guide to travelling

  1. know what you would like to see, but leave some time for spontaneity

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! I always write down two main things I would like to do for the day and that leaves me time to just relax and I will never need to be in a rush.


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